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Fitness Industry

Are you a personal trainer? Do you sell gym equipment? or do you run a gym with a difference? perhaps one of the other many different professionals in the fitness industry? This is an industry where your clients put their trust in you. They are often entrusting you with their health and fitness, so you need to be able to relate to them on a personal or at least be relatable. If your brand is all over the place and someone is coming to you so they can get themselves together or start their fitness journey, then how can you expect that they will know you can help them?

We understand that clients will not come to you if they do not know or trust you. If you can put yourself out there for people to get to know then you have a better chance of getting those clients to work with you. We aren’t saying you need to have it all together right away and know that it can be overwhelming to know exactly what you need but if you start on the right tract it will save you heart ache in the long run.

So, what is branding in the fitness industry mean?

Everything from your attitude, how you treat your customers, your website, your logo (or lack thereof) right the way through to your physical presence in the world – branding is what your business represents and how you want your customers to perceive you as a business. Being such a personal industry sometimes this means putting yourself out there so your client can get to know you.

Do you have a logo that is completely different to your business card? Does your website look the same as your flyers? Everything that comes out of your business should look and feel the same. Not to say that everything is mundane and boring… but the same colour scheme, the same sort of layout and promote the same message. A company with all their branding in order will feel professional, together and attract their ideal customer to their business.

How do we do brand the fitness industry?

We provide two different options here. We can do an audit and strategy, or audit, strategy & implementation – what does this mean? It means that no matter what we are doing the first step is always to do an audit so that we can find out where you are at! You can’t move forward if you don’t know where you are right? Next thing to do is create a strategy to work out the best way to move forward and ensure your brand is on point for you. After that you can go on your own and get it all together yourself or work with us and we can help you implement your new branding into your business. Let’s get you attracting your ideal customers!

It’s just me in my business; do I really need branding?

We might be a bit biased but YES! We believe that everyone needs to ensure that their message is saying what they think it is saying. Getting your branding message right means that your attracting the client you want to work with and let’s be honest – we don’t want to waste time with clients who don’t fit.

What are the benefits of printing for the fitness industry?

Are you heading to a fitness expo to exhibit but all you have is yourself, some home printed flyers and some business cards – will this give your audience the right perception of you and your brand? How about you are having a coffee with a friend who tells you about someone they know who is worried about their weight or health and you just know you could help them, but you don’t want to seem pushy or overbearing? It might be something as simple as a business card that has your contact details and the benefits of using your service or something more creative to set you apart from the noise in the industry.

Just a few ideas are business cards, stationary (you know all the things you have at the office like with complements slips, letter head, Christmas cards, thank you cards, envelopes – do people still send things out? – in a world where things are generic, it’s the personal touches that mean the most), pens, reusable bags, clothing, flyers, gift certificates, signage for doors, cars, billboards, wall paper – imaging this, your clients arrive at your office and on the wall of your reception area is a visually stunning representation of your brand!

There are as many options as there are ideas and what’s great is that we do our best to source our printing from Australian printers, so we support our own economy to grow. Our major printer is located about an hour north of Brisbane so it means that we can get a fairly quick turn around on your most printed materials. We will always give you a best- and worst-case scenarios with time frames so you know what to expect.

There is a fine line sometimes with affordability and quality – we try to ensure that we look at what you have to spend in your budget and find a solution that fits. Ultimately, we look good when you look good, so we want you to look your best!

How do we promote the fitness industry?

The best promotion for your business will always be word of mouth so make sure that you do a great job for your clients and they will advocate for you but if this is the only way you are promoting your business then it could take a long time to build your business into one that makes you money and doesn’t cost you!

In the good old days, you would take out an advert in the yellow pages, newspaper and even cold call potential clients. All we can say is how grateful we are for the internet! This has levelled the playing field for all business big and small.

Websites and social media, search engine optimisation, online directories, google AdWords the list is endless and if you get overwhelmed thinking where on earth do I start – trust us, you are not alone.

There are a few steps we take before we look at how we can best promote your business. First things first, we do an audit of where you are at, if you do not know where you are at then you don’t know where you are going. Then we assess where your ideal clients are – and how best to reach them.

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Not sure if you are ready but want to know more? Check out our design blog – we are creating content every week to help you understand your business as a brand and why this is important for creating a profitable health and wellness business.

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