What do branding colours mean? Yellow

How wonderful the colour yellow is. It stands for the sun.

Vincent Van Gogh

The colour…

Yellow is the colour of intellect, perception and logic. It inspires hope, fun and enthusiasm. Yellow is the most visible of all the colours which is why it is used for important road signage.

You should use this if…

Use Yellow as your branding colours if you want to be analytic, communicate and wise. You can use pops of the colour if you are wanting to allude to these things rather that have them as bold and in your face like some companies.

Leading brands using this colour…

Nikon, National Geographic and Bic are companies everyone has heard of. They are original, confident and promote wisdom. You expect knowledge, analytical design and practical thinking.

Tabitha Mills

With over 10 years of experience behind the scenes in her husband's web design company, she has decided to expand the graphic design part of the company. Showcasing what she has to offer a business who understands how important it is to have a consistent and professional image. Born and raised in Brisbane Tabitha has a love of all things Australian and would love nothing more than to pack up and travel our beautiful country with her husband and pup by her side. You are most likely to find her with a beer in hand chatting with some mates on a Friday afternoon.

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