What is the Colour Wheel and why do I care about it

A colour wheel or colour circle is an abstract illustrative organisation of colour hues around a circle, which shows the relationships between primary colours, secondary colours, tertiary colours etc.


In sorting out some posts for social media I realised that many people have seen the colour wheel but many may not know how to use it. When I did my studies, in our first ever subject we were asked to paint our own colour wheel (see below: not too bad for a first attempt I think – well the teacher passed me so it must have been ok!)

Looking at the wheel you can get a sense of the colours and how they can be used together. They can evoke a response in you – feel happy, sad, excited? Colour can change your mood and if you let it, brighten you day.

When you see how the colours relate to one and other you can also get a sense of what you want to project.

You might be a clothing label who has an ideal client that are woman around 30 who are conscious of the environmental effects of clothing manufacturing in the current climate.

You are not wanting to use black and red. You might use green and yellow. These colours inspire optimism and happiness, life and nature. Perfect synergy for what that company represents.

Using the colour wheel to work out what colour you want for your brand is a great step.

Tabitha Mills

With over 10 years of experience behind the scenes in her husband's web design company, she has decided to expand the graphic design part of the company. Showcasing what she has to offer a business who understands how important it is to have a consistent and professional image. Born and raised in Brisbane Tabitha has a love of all things Australian and would love nothing more than to pack up and travel our beautiful country with her husband and pup by her side. You are most likely to find her with a beer in hand chatting with some mates on a Friday afternoon.

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